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MICHAEl Martinez Hamilton

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Co-Artistic Director



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who I am

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Michael’s journey began with a solid ​foundation in education and training. He ​holds a Master of Fine Arts in Dramatic ​Art, with a specialization in Acting, from ​the prestigious University of Florida. ​Prior to that, he earned a Bachelor of ​Arts in Theatre Arts from California State ​University, Fullerton, and a Professional ​Actor Certificate from the esteemed ​LACC Theatre Academy. Recently, he ​joined the creative team at The Wayward ​Artist Theatre as Co-Artisitc Director.

As an actor, Michael has tread the boards ​on regional and professional stages from ​coast to coast, leaving a lasting impact ​with his powerful performances and ​captivating audiences with his ​vulnerability and versatility.

Quake with Melissa Thompson at Actors’ Theatre

From his emotionally detailed portrayal ​of King Midas in Metamorphoses to his ​poignant performance as Joe Keller in All ​My Sons, Michael has a finely honed skill ​of embodying characters with depth and ​authenticity. His extensive repertoire ​includes playing roles in a broad ​spectrum of genres and styles, such as ​Arthur in Terrence McNally’s Love! ​Valour! Compassion!, Malvolio in ​Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night and Ben in ​The Dumb Waiter by Harold Pinter. His ​ability to immerse himself in diverse ​characters and deliver nuanced ​performances showcases the breadth ​and depth of his talent and range.

Beyond his achievements as an ​actor, Michael's passion for teaching ​is evident in his extensive ​experience as a teaching artist. With ​a heartfelt and dynamic teaching ​style, he has made a profound ​impact on the lives of students from ​diverse backgrounds. As an Artist-​Mentor with Theatre of ​Hearts/Youth First, he meticulously ​designed and facilitated customized ​theatre and film workshops, ​collaborating with teachers to ​create high-quality, educational ​experiences for highly at-risk, ​marginalized students in ​underserved schools that align with ​VAPA and Common Core standards. ​His commitment to social-emotional ​learning and creating a nurturing ​classroom environment has ​positively impacted countless young ​minds.

With Ramon Suzara as Gus in a rehearsal for The Dumb ​Waiter, directed by Ryan Holihan

Terrence McNally’s Love! Valour! Compassion!

with Richard Piatt

As Malvolio in Twelfth Night, Shakespeare on the Green

Described as dynamic, bold, and ​passionate, Michael's impact as a ​teaching artist is immeasurable. ​He has served as a professor at ​esteemed institutions such as the ​University of Florida and Santa Fe ​College, where he inspired ​students to explore their creative ​ideas and develop a deep respect ​for the artistic process. As the ​Head of the Acting Department at ​the New York Film Academy @ ​Walt Disney World, Michael ​demonstrated exceptional ​leadership skills and fostered an ​environment where students from ​diverse backgrounds felt valued ​and respected. Through his ​guidance, students have ​embraced vulnerability, ​developed their unique artistic ​visions, and cultivated a social ​consciousness that will serve as a ​foundation for their future ​accomplishments.

Michael's expertise and passion for ​theatre are further evidenced by his ​current tenure as the Artistic ​Director of Theatron Productions in ​Los Angeles. In this role, he has ​demonstrated his fearless approach ​to creating, developing, and ​producing theatrical productions in ​collaboration with other artists. ​Through his visionary leadership, he ​raised funds to support these ​productions, ensuring their high ​quality and success. His ​contributions as a producer, ​dramaturg, and actor in Theatron’s ​recent production of The Dumb ​Waiter by Harold Pinter have ​solidified his reputation as a ​dynamic and talented theater ​practitioner.

Rehearsing as Ben in The Dumb Waiter by

Harold Pinter

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Actors' Equity Association

Artistic director | Producer

Theatron Productions





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my recent Work

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as Arthur

P3 Theatre Company

directed by Craig Tyrl

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as Ben

Theatron Productions

directed by Ryan Holihan

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Theatre of Hearts/Youth First

@ Barack Obama Global Prep Academy

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In the picturesque ​dilapidation of Paradise ​Ranch, a gay, Chicano ranch ​manager, Vaña, grapples with ​unfulfilled dreams and ​unrequited love during an ​outbreak, while the arrival of ​Professor Stone and his much ​younger husband, Angelo, ​ignites a complex web of ​desires, regrets, and ​uncertain futures, all set ​against the backdrop of ​untamed vineyards and a ​family clause that binds their ​destinies in Vaña in Paradise.

world Premiere Summer 2024

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I believe that as actors, we possess ​the extraordinary power of ​imagination, capable of transforming ​our individual experiences into ​universal truths. Through our craft, we ​breathe life into new characters, ​drawing inspiration from our own ​pasts while embodying souls distinct ​from our own. With elegance and ​grace, we teach humanity about our ​place in the cosmos and our ​responsibility to the communities we ​inhabit.

King Midas in Metamorphoses

Photographed by Suzana Mars

We wield the magnificence of imagination, immersing ourselves in imaginary ​circumstances as if they were real and actually happening to us for the very first time ​night-after-night, while simultaneously observing our creative process. With each ​performance, we mentally transcribe the notes of our choices, allowing us to refine ​and repeat them, seeking perfection.

Within our clarity of imagination, we can separate ourselves from our characters' ​suffering, expanding our empathy for them and applying it to the rest of humanity. ​This ability to empathize deeply with others enables us to connect with audiences ​and convey profound emotions. What we learn in the rehearsal spaces and the ​stages on which we perform is carried with us into our personal lives, shaping who we ​are and how we connect.

My artistic mission is to examine classic works of the world stage in addition to new ​and contemporary works, interpreting them through a unique dramaturgical lens ​shaped by my Chicano culture, working-class background, and experiences as a ​Queer Latinx individual in a world that is too often cruel, intolerant, and hostile to ​folx like me. I aim to create characters who navigate the struggles of love, ​vulnerability, and authenticity.

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Hobson in Hobson’s Choice with Emily Green and Sean Cancellieri

The stage is my chosen medium, where I can bring these visions to life. ​Influenced by the likes of Michael Chekhov, Kim Stanley, Augusto Boal, ​Luis Valdez, the San Francisco Mime Troupe, Anne Bogart's work with ​Viewpoints, Lee Breuer, Tennessee Williams, El Teatro Campesino, and ​more, I draw upon various techniques such as Michael Chekhov's, ​Viewpoints, Linklater, Lessac, and Uta Hagen's.

My influences extend to the realms of John Waters, Charles Ludlum, ​Theatre of the Ridiculous, Brecht, and Antonin Artaud, all of whom ​inspire my artistic approach. I adapt my techniques to suit the needs of ​each play and the demands of the characters within them.

In my view, theatre should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their ​income status. I believe that elite theatre is stagnant, while vibrant and ​thriving theater emerges from the collaboration of diverse voices. By ​creating opportunities for minority artists to showcase their talents and ​producing free, high-quality theatre for the public, my work contributes ​to the well-being of the community. I prioritize dramaturgy from a ​minority perspective, welcoming and celebrating artists from diverse ​cultural backgrounds, LGBTQ+ identities, genders, religious affiliations, ​political ideologies, body types, and functional diversities in my ​productions.

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Michael Martinez Hamilton


Actors’ Equity Association

British Academy of Stage & Screen Combat Actors/Combatant Certification

National Michael Chekhov Association Teaching Certification-Candidate

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University of Florida, Gainesville, FL


bachelor of arts, theatre arts, ​playwriting emphasis

California State University, Fullerton, CA


professional actor certification

Los Angeles City College Theatre Academy, Los Angeles, CA



The Wayward artist

Co-Artistic Director

Santa, Ana, CA

  • Fostered community health and ​representation by pioneering innovative ​and inclusive programming that ​amplifies marginalized voices.
  • Championed social justice and civic ​responsibility through impactful applied ​theatre projects, such as the Get-Out-​the-Vote Theatre Project—a successful ​collaboration with Orange County civic ​organizations that promotes inclusivity, ​diversity, and representation.
  • Led community engagement initiatives ​that foster a sense of belonging and ​empowerment for all.

Connect with Me

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Teaching philosophy

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Encouraging a student interested in ​script supervision and continuity

As a teaching artist and a passionate advocate ​for diversity, I bring a dynamic perspective to ​the classroom. My journey as a Queer, Chicano, ​working-class individual has shaped my ​teaching philosophy, instilling in me a deep ​understanding of adversity and the ​transformative power of education. ​Overcoming obstacles such as dropping out of ​high school, I embarked on a non-traditional ​path that led me to earn a Bachelor of Arts ​Degree in Theatre Arts and eventually a Master ​of Fine Arts degree as a Fellow at the ​prestigious University of Florida.

Throughout my journey, I discovered my ​love for teaching while working as a mentor ​and teaching assistant at Los Angeles City ​College Theatre Academy. Guiding ​underserved, highly at-risk teenagers in ​urban Los Angeles, I realized that my true ​calling extended beyond the stage. The ​classroom became a space where I could ​mentor, inspire, and empower young ​individuals who shared similar challenges ​to my own. My goal became clear—to utilize ​my talent as a theatre artist to work with ​underserved, minority youth in Los ​Angeles, nurturing their potential and ​helping them realize their dreams.

Students at Barack Obama Global Prep ​Academy improvising in character for

Hamlet Jr.

Wrapping up our film workshop at

John Hope Continuation High School

In my classroom, I foster ​collaboration, creating an ​environment where students feel ​safe, respected, and encouraged to ​be vulnerable. I believe in the power ​of mentorship, as I experienced ​firsthand the profound impact it ​had on my own artistic and personal ​development. By actively listening ​to my students with compassion ​and an open mind, I gain invaluable ​insights into their unique learning ​needs and challenges. This allows ​me to tailor my lessons, whether ​theoretical or practical, to support ​their artistic and personal growth.

Recognizing that I am a perpetual ​learner, I approach the classroom with ​humility and an eagerness to learn ​from my students. I understand that ​each student possesses their own ​strengths and challenges, and I strive ​to meet their diverse needs. By ​affirming their strengths and helping ​them find solutions to their obstacles, ​I awaken them to their responsibilities ​as members of humanity. I encourage ​them to apply the principles they ​learn in class to their daily lives, ​broadening their perspectives and ​cultivating a deep appreciation for ​the arts and their contributions to ​society.

Students working on-camera during our

Improv for the Camera Workshop

Students incorporating what they learned about ​objectives and tactics during an improvised scene

My teaching philosophy is rooted in ​the belief that every student, ​regardless of their background, ​deserves the opportunity to thrive. ​Drawing from my own experiences as ​a former highly at-risk, minority ​student, I am committed to honoring ​and celebrating cultural diversity in ​the classroom. I create an inclusive ​space where students feel seen, ​valued, and inspired to pursue their ​passions in theatre and film. It is my ​joy to work collaboratively with ​students, nurturing their potential ​and witnessing their transformative ​journey.

Lives are transformed in my classroom. ​Students discover their voice, ​overcome challenges, and gain the ​confidence to pursue careers in the ​arts. I am resilient, a natural leader, ​and dedicated to creating an ​environment that empowers students ​to create their best work. Together, we ​inspire each other, fostering a love for ​learning and a deep sense of ​fulfillment. As a compassionate ​teaching artist, I quickly become a ​valued asset to any institution ​dedicated to nurturing the next ​generation of diverse, talented ​individuals in the world of theatre and ​film.

Mentoring students as they prepare to begin ​improvising scenes on camera

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Contact Me

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